Our Story

Hello Peanut Butter Lovers!  Thank you so much for visiting our site. My name is Jessica, and I am the owner of the Saratoga Peanut Butter Company. I am the mother of Abe (pictured above), the original “Monkey Boy” hence the inspiration of my banana raisin peanut butter. So the common question…”How did you get into peanut butter..”

Well, I attended SUNY Oneonta and graduated from SUNY Cortland with a degree in Physical Education(concentrating in Adult Fitness) and a minor in Nutrition/Dietetics. As a self proclaimed peanut butter freak, it was a main staple in my diet. I made peanut butter (among other creative creations) for my family and friends over the years (money was tight as a college student) and they loved it!

After having my son, I saw a few cool variations with peanut butter and decided I would like to try to expand the idea into a reality, In 2005 I started putting the peanut butter on the shelves of some local food stores and…..well, here we are! (BTW, that’s our dog, Major, finishing up that bottom of the jar PB with ease.)

My goal has been to make a delicious and nutritious product without sacrificing anything!!!  All of our nut butter blends are GLUTEN FREE and have no added sugars, preservatives, artificial additives, and anything else that you cannot pronounce. If you have tried it, we are guessing you like it because you are here…and if not, we hope you will give us a try! Peace, Prosperity, and of course, Peanut Butter!

Below is Abe doing his own peanut butter clean up of sorts….

Abe aka Monkey Boy circa 2007

Monkey Boy Today